Grapples for rocks

za ravnanje s kamenjem

BGS grapples are ideal solution where we work with stacking rocks. They are an indispensable attachment of the excavator for the construction of rock throwers, as well as for the strengthening of river banks with stone linings, which are placed on the banks
of riverbeds and watercourses. With the integrated rotator, they enable infinite rotation in one or the other direction, and in the five-arm design, the jaws enable a good grip on small and large rocks, as well as trunks, branches and other debris or rubble. They are an ideal tool for carrying out rehabilitation works after floods and landslides, as they ensure precise and fast execution of the works.

BGS 03
BGS 04
BGS 06
BGS 08

Need other attachments?


Custom made digging buckets. Or supply you with wanted bucket.

Hydraulic hammers

We offer hydraulic hammers from the renowned manufacturer DandA.

Quick Couplers
quick coupler

We can manufacture a custom quick fit for your machinery.


B-quick fast coupler for hydraulic hoses. Made and designed in our company.

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