Renovation of construction machinery

When the machine arrives, we professionally inspect it according to the protocol recommended by the manufacturer, followed by thorough washing and cleaning. Based on the actual condition report of the machine, we eliminate all deficiencies, test all major components and reset all necessary parameters on the components. These include setting valves on the engine, hydraulic pressures and calibrating gearboxes on loaders and dumpers. We also check the wear of the brakes, tighten the hydraulic cylinders and, if necessary, replace worn-out hydraulic hoses. In the event of air gaps on the arm, dismantle it, re-weld and turn the mounting holes, insert new bushings and bolts so that the newly mounted arm is in exactly the same condition as with the new machine. When mechanical, hydraulic and electrical faults are fixed. A complete service is performed, all oils and all filters are replaced. The final phase of visual correction follows. Most often, the machines have abraded ballast and abraded lower part of the chassis, which, if necessary, is sanded and repainted with 2K base and overlay paint, which is spun off from other surfaces to make the machine shine in all its glory.

Renovation of tunnel machines

In addition to construction machinery, we are also renovating tunnel machinery, such as tunnel excavators, loaders and dumpers, tunnel drills, tunnel concrete injection molding machines and other tunnel machinery, which is constantly available for rent or purchase at Balavto in Ajdovščina.

Component renovation

Certain used machines, which are most often obtained in the yard according to the old-for-new system, require a little more attention due to wear and tear and possible major breakdowns, which are most often the reason for replacing the machine. But we can also cope with this because we have a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of engine and transmission restoration, as well as a wide range of solutions through the supply of original, competitive and used spare parts, so most of these used machines get the opportunity to reuse.