Rubber tracks

We offer high quality rubber tracks from Camoplast-Taeryuk in various dimensions for all world-renowned brands of mini excavators. Rubber tracks are made of high quality rubber, which has been specially developed for the purpose of minimizing wear.

High quality and two years warranty on tracks.

ALU loading ramps

Aluminum ramps for loading construction, agricultural and other machinery on trucks and trailers. For more information and assistance in selecting the appropriate ALU loading ramps, please contact us.

OTR Tires

We have in stock or order suitable tires for your machine and needs. We offer new and used tires from renowned manufacturers.


We offer used and new rims for heavy construction machinery.


David Puc Balavto

David Puc


Rubber tracks and ALU loading ramps.

Tadej Čoha


OTR Tires and Rims

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