For Freater Functionality

The tiltrotator gives your attachment a new dimension and greater functionality. It allows unlimited 360° rotation of the connector connected to it and 45° tilt of your connector in two directions.

  1. Multi-functionality: The tiltrotator enables 360-degree rotation of the attachment, which provides greater freedom of movement. It enables precise routing and positioning of the connector at different angles, which increases work efficiency.

  2. Better accessibility: The tiltrotator allows better accessibility to hard-to-reach areas. Due to its pivoting functionality, rototilt excavators can reach tight spaces such as trenches, trenches and around obstacles where conventional excavators are more difficult to access.

  3. Increased productivity: The tiltrotator enables continuous work without the need to move the machine unnecessarily. Due to its multifunctionality and better accessibility, larger tasks can be carried out in less time.

The tiltrotator on the excavator has many advantages that improve its performance, efficiency and flexibility on the construction site. Because of these advantages, the rototilt is used in many construction projects where greater accuracy, accessibility and productivity are required.

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