Volvo P8820D ABG


Experience the ultimate in paving productivity. With a 13-meter paving width, high capacity hopper and high-performance engine, the Volvo P8820D ABG is the big machine for the big jobs. Featuring industry-renowned levels of operator comfort and compatible with a range of high-performance screeds, this is a paver designed to deliver outstanding quality and uptime, shift after shift.



Paving a width up to 13-meters the P8820D ABG is compatible with an extensive range of high-performance screeds, depending on your operational requirements and preferences. Featuring the Volvo quick coupling system, special profile solutions and optional hydraulically controlled end-gates, you can count on Volvo to deliver ultimate paving results .


Volvo pavers are industry-renowned for providing the highest levels of operator comfort, and in the P8820D ABG operators can enjoy comfortable, safe and productive working shifts with intuitive controls, excellent visibility, intelligent functions and spacious platform.


Rely on the P8820D ABG for consistent paving results. Designed with a focus on quality and uptime the machine features increased auger height adjustment, automatic track tensioner, screed load device and Soft Dock options, as well as easy servicing. The result is a paver you can depend on to deliver unbeatable mat quality; shift after shift, day after day.

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