Quick coupler

Casted quick coupler with Front Pin Hook safety solution

The S30 quick coupler is used to connect and disconnect work tools for compact excavators. It follows the symmetrical standard and has either a mechanical snap-in locking function (semi-automatic) or hydraulic locking function (automatic).
The S30 quick coupler is casted in one piece, has large work tool pin contact surfaces and optimized design, making it lightweight but yet robust which will ensure a long life time. The coupler has a fully closed design to reduce any risk of debris entering the locking mechanism.
The quick coupler is equipped with safety hooks that secure the work tools front shaft to reduce the risk of dropping the work tool if by mistake it is not connected correctly. We call this safety technology Front Pin Hook (FPH). The quick coupler complies with all relevant safety regulations such as EN474-5 and ISO 13031:2023.